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Intense ADSL Packages

Brand New:  Static IP for ADSL accounts:

We have launched static IP for all our uncapped accounts.  You need to have one of our uncapped accounts and then you can add a static IP at R60 incl vat per static account.  Contact us for more info.

Home Uncapped Services:

1mbps Intense Basic, uncapped R120
2mbps Intense Basic, uncapped R180
4mbps Intense Basic, uncapped R250 (Best Seller)
8mbps Intense Basic, uncapped R350
10mbps Intense Basic, uncapped R390
20mbps Intense Basic, uncapped R650 (VDSL Router required)
40mbps Intense Basic, uncapped R1050 (VDSL Router required)

Premium Uncapped Services:

1mbps Intense Premium, uncapped R199
2mbps Intense Premium, uncapped R300
4mbps Intense Premium, uncapped R400 (Best Seller)
8mbps Intense Premium, uncapped R650
10mbps Intense Premium, uncapped R750
20mbps Intense Premium, uncapped R995 (VDSL Router required)
40mbps Intense Premium, uncapped R1395 (VDSL Router required)

Home Uncapped Combo Deals:

1mbps uncapped with line:         R180
2mbps uncapped with line:         R320
4mbps uncapped with line:         R500
8mbps uncapped with line:         R700
10mbps uncapped with line:       R820

(Please note the username gets bonded with the line and can only be used on that line)

Premium Uncapped Combo Deals:

1mbps uncapped with line:         R300
2mbps uncapped with line:         R450
4mbps uncapped with line:         R550
8mbps uncapped with line:         R800
10mbps uncapped with line:       R900

(Please note the username gets bonded with the line and can only be used on that line)

Prioritized Business Uncapped Services

Includes Dynamic DNS

1mbps Intense Business, uncapped, Prioritized R315
2mbps Intense Business, uncapped, Prioritized R539
4mbps Intense Business, uncapped, Prioritized R650 (Best seller)
8mbps Intense Business, uncapped, Prioritized R900
10mbps Intense Business, uncapped, Prioritized R999
20mbps Intense Business, uncapped Prioritized R2100 (VDSL Router required)
40mbps Intense Business, uncapped Prioritized R3000 (VDSL Router required)

Business Uncapped Combo Deals:

Business 1mbps uncapped with line:         R400
Business 2mbps uncapped with line:         R500
Business 4mbps uncapped with line:         R800
Business 8mbps uncapped with line:         R1000
Business 10mbps uncapped with line:       R1250
(Please note the username gets bonded with the line and can only be used on that line)

Business uncapped, unshaped:

Intense - Fixed IP ADSL - 10GB - Monthly R325
Intense - Fixed IP ADSL - 20GB - Monthly R615
Intense - Fixed IP ADSL - 30GB - Monthly  R899
Intense - Fixed IP ADSL - 40GB - Monthly R1139
Intense - Fixed IP ADSL - 50GB - Monthly R1399
Intense- Uncapped ADSL - 4096Kbps - Monthly R1899
Intense - Uncapped ADSL – upto 1mbps - Monthly R799
Intense - Uncapped ADSL - 10Mbps - Monthly R3499
Intense - Fixed IP ADSL - 100GB - Monthly R2699
Intense - Fixed IP ADSL - 150GB - Monthly  R3999

All pricing incl VAT.  

Give us a shout through our "Contact us" Page and we will get back to you asap!

Its so easy with Intense ADSL.  There is a very short document to fill in with all your details.  Once we get this back you will be live on the internet within 2 hrs.  


   Free delivery and activation within 4 hours
   Free data carry-over
   Free Fax2Email
   Choice of shaped, unshaped or local only service

Free Fax to Email
Per Gig ADSL Broadband packages from R10 per GB depending local only, shaped, unshaped etc.  ADSL account applications are normally processed within 1 hour during office hours and the user is provided with an ADSL username and password that they can add to their router immediately.

All these ADSL accounts are available on month to month basis.  The bandwidth on these ADSL accounts does not roll over if it isnt used. The accounts are charged for in full for the month in which they are activated.  Prorata billing does not apply.  These Broadband ADSL accounts are subject to terms and conditions.

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Re: INTENSEBB Internet

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We are solution driven:

Home and business customers benefit from our cost-effective, high-speed broadband connectivity solutions. Whether you want your data usage capped or uncapped, Intense Broadband has a solution that is just right for you. Using a secure, world-class technology platform, Intense Broadband’ technology is available immediately. We’re committed to deliver connectivity solutions to your fingertips – completely hassle-free.

We are cost effective:
Home and business customers benefit from our superfast, yet affordable delivery speeds, whether you’ve chosen capped or uncapped data. We are competitive because we build and manage our own reliable, fast and technically advanced wireless networks.

Needs Focused:
Whether you need home access to broadband internet, or whether you are an enterprise that requires broadband connectivity, we offer high-speed broadband connectivity solutions to your specifications, utilising broadband fibre that offers secure, reliable and cost-effective connectivity. We complete projects quickly and competitively to your specifications.

Intense Broadband delivers

Broadband wireless internet
Point to Point Microwave links of up to 2Gbps
Private network infrastructure for urban, rural or mining projects across Africa
Wireless VPN
Point to Point Fibre Optic links of up to 10Gbps
Fibre Optic splicing and installation services
VOIP and other Wi-Fi solutions
Fibre optic links for offsite disaster recovery systems
Network cabling and infrastructure installations for businesses and commercial clients
CCTV camera backhaul for security control centres
Network design and consultancy services

Home solution pricing:

2mbps uncapped:            R799 per month incl vat  (upload 1mbps)
5mbps uncapped:            R999 per month incl vat  (upload 1mbps)
8mbps uncapped:            R1299 per month incl vat (upload 1mbps)
10mbps uncapped:         R1499 per month incl vat  (upload 2mbps)

Once off installation fee of:  R3500 (month to month package) of 12 month contract R2500 of 24 month contract R1500 once off…

Ask us for our tailor made SME, Business and Enterprise solutions pricing offerings.

Please note only Western Cape currently


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