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What the Latest News

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:04 am


Apparently Marblesharps only Director.. (probably only Person & now Owner) is doing what he can on his own.
How much knowledge he has is another story... none of us know

We've been told that he will converse with us as soon as he manages to get everything back up again
There is no indication on when that will be, so for those that can't wait.. this site is here to help you.

Ask Questions here if you like.. or even Join the WhatsApp Chat group we have Going.. on Latest Info
If You want to Join... for the next week to maybe 3 Weeks... send Your NAME & Cell Number to LOUIS on 079 079 2444



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Email from Andries

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:52 pm

Ok.. so this is the Email Received from Andries Today ~ 14th June 2017
And there has been many ups and downs from them since November last year
But he puts this in SP's court on not paying accounts.. which seems to be the case
So here is the Offer.... :

Andries wrote:Andries
To our valued clients

This mail is from me personally in other words old ECC and not Marblesharp.

In other words this mail will not contain empty promises.

As you all know Marblesharp has been ignoring you, making empty promises etc etc etc since
Nov 2016, but I am now looking at starting my own company again.

I need R300000 to do so & the best way to get it is through our current client base.

In Nov 2016 we had more than 900 clients & now we have between 400 & 450 left.

If 300 clients are willing to give R1000 each, then we will have enough to start over.

The new company will give you R1200 credit instead of the R1000 that you pay so that means  
that you will get 20% interest on your investment.

The R1200 that every client pays will then be seen as credit on their new acc which will be
used for your monthly internet subscription.

This payment as well as the credit will be totally separate from Marblesharp & should be  
paid into a new bank acc which will be provided if we can get enough clients that would like
to get their speed back to normal.

The transition will not happen over night because the waiting period for a new fiber line is
3 to 5 months.

This also means that clients that do not have access to R1000 at once will be able to pay as
they are able to over a 3 month period.

At this point in time we are just making a list of clients that are interested to assess the
viability of this investing module.

This is all highly confidential so please do not forward this mail or cc anyone else on this
mail, but me.

Best regards

The old ECC team

Please discuss below to see who is interested... including objections.. and proposals

Personally... I think with all the K@K we've been through.. we should at least own 50% or less in shares

PS: Sign your posts with your ECC or WhatsApp User name... so we know who we speaking to

We might need to Lock Out Prying Eyes soon.. as we don't need this getting out and Spoiling the Opportunity for Us & Andries.
So if you can... REGISTER here Soon as Possible... so we can lock it to members Only.
And this should work quite well on your Cellphones & Tablets.. should you Occasionally use those to Surf




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